Mi-Yeon, I and Thou

When I was little, I thought the only “I” in the world, was me.
On reaching primary school and finding myself surrounded by other children of the same age, I was astounded to notice one day that a friend I’d made also thought of herself as “I,” and possessed her own “my world” of which she was the center.
From that day on, doubt about what “I” actually means was planted in my mind.

Engaging with the world through travel, I found the world became you and talked to me.
Perhaps there is indeed only one “I” in the universe.
Infinite Is dwelling in a single I, those infinite Is various aspects of the single I.
When egos engage, to each the other becomes you, and thus a connection is forged.

This series was produced with inspiration from Martin Buber’s I and Thou, and Eastern philosophy.

Mi-Yeon is invited by "Promenades Photographiques" in Vendôme this summer 2020, from July through September